The Current Market

At Hosker Haynes we are always happy to share our views and knowledge of the current market for collectable coins.

The general synopsis is that the market has been strong for over 20 years and is currently showing no signs of slowing. As with all investments, prices can of course decrease as well as increase and is driven by consumer demand and interest in the field/quality of stock, but whilst there have been minor fluctuations and corrections during this time, the market for British coins in particular has been rising.

There appear to be several factors that  have been driving the market recently;

  • There appears to be significantly more collector interest than ever before, perhaps due to the internet opening up a global market. Due to this increased interest and a finite supply, prices have been driven upwards, especially for good quality examples.
  • High quality historic coins seem to be increasingly treated and appreciated as art, and it can be argued they are still very accessible compared to other sectors of the fine art market.
  • Returns on traditional investments have been limited in recent years and cash in the bank has performed poorly, which means people have been turning to alternative assets instead.
  • Higher interest rates, whilst potentially helping savers, have not kept up with inflation meaning cash savings are still losing value in real terms.

It is impossible to correctly predict whether it is a buyer’s or a seller’s market, but it should be noted that collections of good material formed a few years ago are likely to see a healthy return. Please contact us if you would like to discuss selling your coin(s) or collection.