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Auction 3: Ancient, British and World Coins

26th March 2024

Auction 2: Ancient, British and World Coins


Auction 2: Ancient, British and World Coins

12th September 2023

Auction 1: Ancient, British and World Coins


Auction 1: Ancient, British and World Coins

28th March 2023

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Coin Auctioneers

At Hosker Haynes, we’re your trusted destination when it comes to understanding the worth of your coin collection. Whether you’re looking to sell coins, explore the world of ancient coins, or delve into the fascinating history of ancient Greek currency, our team of experts is here to guide you. From rare single coins to modern-day currency and even banknotes, we specialise in assessing the value of diverse numismatic treasures. Our free valuation service allows you to discover the true significance of your coins, drawing on our extensive knowledge and experience (you can find out more in our guide to coin auctions here). With a rich history dating back to ancient times and an appreciation for Royal Mint coins, we invite you to join our auctions, where your coins can find their new home among enthusiastic collectors. Experience the allure of numismatics with Hosker Haynes, your gateway to the world of coins.

Hosker Haynes Coin Auction

Are you passionate about coins and are you looking for a reputable coin auctioneer? Look no further, at Hosker Haynes, we are your trusted destination for all things numismatic. As leading coin auctioneers, we specialise in bringing together collectors, investors, and enthusiasts from all corners of the globe. So whether you’re looking to buy or sell, our auctions are the perfect platform to discover rare and valuable coins.

Ancient and Rare Coins

Explore the rich history of the numismatic world with our extensive collection of ancient coins. From Roman denarii to Greek drachmas, our auctions feature treasures from the past that will captivate your imagination.

British Coins

Dive into the fascinating world of British numismatics. From hammered to milled, from shillings to sovereigns, our auctions showcase the diversity and history of British coinage. We also specialise in world coins, travelling the world through the coins in our collections. Discover coins from every corner of the globe, each with its own unique story to tell.

Free Coin Valuations

At Hosker Haynes, we understand the importance of knowing the true worth of your coins. That’s why we offer free coin valuations to help you uncover the hidden treasures in your collection. Our team of experienced numismatists is here to provide expert assessments, whether you’re considering selling, insuring, or simply curious about the value of your coins. Take advantage of our complimentary valuation service and gain valuable insights into the historical and monetary significance of your coins today. Discover the potential in your collection with Hosker Haynes, whether you’re a beginner or has vast experience – where expertise meets generosity.


Pros & Cons of Auctions

We believe in complete transparency with our clients, whether buying or selling with us and are happy to discuss either process in depth as required. However, a summary is given below.
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Dealing with Probate

Dealing with probate can be an emotional and time-consuming business, especially if you have a collection of coins to deal with and little or no numismatic knowledge or experience.
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